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Movement in ownership – APN

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In any new industry, there will always be a huge number of initial enterprises starting up with the intent on being number one. But just as happened with the car industry and many others (anyone remember MySpace?), it settles down after a while as consolidations and bankruptcies take their natural path. In Australia, the regional media group APN has just purchased an 82% stake in brandsExclusive for $36,000,000. Stay tuned for many more takeovers as companies seek to get into the ecommerce market.

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E-Commerce is about the small retailer too

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Here is an interesting story in the New York Times about consumers in the United States using small retailers who have e-commerce capability in preference to the larger organisations such as Amazon. It is yet more proof that having e-commerce capability is a wise investment and if you implement and market it right then you can compete with the big boys.

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Australia’s online shopping spree

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PayPal Australia has announced that the week commencing December 5 2011 was the largest number of transactions yet seen in Australia. More than 3,000,000 people in Australia have a PayPal account.

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E-Commerce infrastructure under strain

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Companies are selling more and more goods and services via E-Commerce┬áto more and more people. Can the delivery system cope? This another poignant reminder that E-Comemrce is not just a web site and a shopping cart. Fulfillment plays a big part as you must meet the expectations of your customers. It is no use promising a camera for 70% of the retail price if the customer doesn’t get it for four weeks. And worse, you didn’t tell the customer about the long wait time. This article talks about recent FedEx experiences.

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Walmart ramps up E-Commerce

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US retailer Walmart has dramatically increased their investment in E-Commerce technology and capability. They currently earn 1% of their revenue from online sales despite being the world’s biggest retailer.

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Don’t risk your reputation

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Another day and another eBay scam. This story is about a scammer taking advantage of eBay sellers with a high positive feedback ratio to sell non-existent goods. Having your own E-Commerce capability means not having to be subjected to the vagaries of eBay and the like.

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