Our Capabilities

Experience and Enthusiasm

Greenroot specialises in custom E-Commerce solutions specific to your business and then supporting you for as long as it takes to get you confident using it.

We work closely with you to understand your needs rather than installing something that won’t suit you and leaves you worse off.

With our backgrounds in Six Sigma, project management and business analysis capabilities we have the all-round skills to get the right outcome for you. Plus we have over 200 software developers with years of experience in E-Commerce waiting to get started.


It is possible to get an IT consultant to buy and install an off-the-shelf solution and for some people that will work fine.
We are more interested in understanding your current issues and what opportunities you want to have the capability to exploit.

We use our own Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) with plenty of review points and involvement with you along the way.


This involves hours of working through the entire lifecycle of your enterprise and deciding how you want to incorporate our technical capabilities into your business.

  • Do you want a website?
  • Will your existing one suffice?
  • Do you have an existing Point Of Sale (POS) solution to integrate with?
  • Do you want a membership page and regular newsletter sent out?



We write up the desired solution for you to review. This can contain up to 100 pages for complex sites and enforces our approach of getting the design correct in the early stages.
It will contain:

  • Samples of screens
  • Descriptive text
  • Images and videos
  • Performance metrices
  • Details of existing systems


Interfaces and Suppliers

An E-Commerce capability does not exist in isolation and your solution will most likely “talk” with other software such as PayPal, credit card providers, transport/logistics companies and so on.
We take responsibility for setting these interfaces up and dealing with these other companies on your behalf.



No software development has ever seen a design go from paper to screen without a single change.
That’s why we will give you the chance to see the initial designs in our sandpit environment and make alterations.


Testing and Implementation

The technical testing is carried out by the technical team before you see it so any bugs with connectivity and display are invisible to you.
Paul and Sonia conduct another level of testing before you are provided with the opportunity to test the finished products before they go the world at large. This involves a structured period of time where you

  • Website
  • Catalogue
  • Images


Training and Manuals

Does anyone in your business need training?
We have a qualified trainer to deliver face-to-face sessions in how to maintain your new webshop.
And we make sure you have written instructions on how to do all of your basic tasks.


Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation

Whilst the technical development is happening, we’ll understand where your existing and potential customers are on the web and how we can capture them.

  • Assess the opportunity
  • Develop the campaign
  • Optimise the site
  • Implement the campaign
  • Measure and refine


Technical Things


E-Commerce Platform

We use the Magento (owned by eBay) E-Commerce platform, a technology in widespread use around the world.
Using a mature and popular product means resources are widely available and new features are being developed all the time.


We use the two most popular technologies in the web world; Oracle and MySql.


For our websites we have competency in platforms such as WordPress and Joomla as well as Java and .Net.


Cognos, Business Objects, Pentaho and Jasper are our technologies of choice. We can expand your current reporting tool to capture your sales and enquiries from your new E-Commerce product.